Trip day 11

I really thought I would be keeping those few of you that are interested up to date on our trip, but I obviously have not done well. I just focused on family while we were in California (which is what a family vacation is supposed to be about). We are traveling home, which takes awhile as we are now in two vehicles and our numbers have increased. Two slightly older adults, One younger adult, two teenagers, two small children, and an overweight beagle, all traveling from San Diego home to Indiana.

I thought would share a little bit last night, but the internet connection in our hotel was horrible. I checked emails, reconnecting several times to get that done, and then just gave up. We have once again been seeing some beautiful scenery, but one also becomes aware of the impoverished conditions that exist on the desert. It makes one realize how much we are blessed.

Well, it’s late and I’m tired. I’ve had to hit the backspace key too many times already. We are in Amarillo, Texas and should be home Sunday night if all goes well.

In Him,


Trip day 6

Wow! We made it! 2431 miles and here we are at Tom and Kelly’s house! I was going to share a little bit last night, but the internet and cable were out at the motel. It was kind of funny, because Christy and I decided to just take our books down to the lobby and sit in a couch and read. I went back to the room for a moment and Christy said a man came out of his room obviously irritated about the lack of TV. He exchanged words with the desk clerk who explained that a two mile radius was affected and there really wasn’t anything he could do to speed up the cable company. The man was still frustrated so the clerk said, “Well, I do have some books you could borrow.” Christy said the look on his face was priceless as he quickly turned and stomped away – obviously not a reader!

I’m looking forward to going to church with our daughter and granddaughters tomorrow, but my mind is still very much on our church back home. I am praying that the folks at Lockport have a good day of worship. I’m tired from the drive, so I won’t attempt to write more. I did start to read Erwin Lutzer’s new book, “Is God on America’s Side?” I’ll share my thoughts about that another day.

In Him,


On the Road, Day 4

Wow, what a difference in the weather. In Western Oklahoma and East Texas yesterday it was 104.  We woke up this morning in Gallup, New Mexico to a windy 37 degrees!  I talked to a couple who were riding a motorcycle from Ohio, and they were definately cold!  We had a fairly relaxed day enjoying the painted desert and the petrified forest. It was an exceptionally beautiful day and my camera came out a lot.  We are spending tonight in Flagstaff, Arizona and plan to drive up to the Grand Canyon tomorrow.

It was interesting to read the explanations given to explain the petrified forest, which they claimed took millions of years.  I think a much simpler approach is to recognize the validity of the biblical flood which would have rapidly covered the trees with silt before they had opportunity to rot.  The minerals would have been deposited in layers, just as is seen in the beautiful topography.  What great lengths people go to when they refuse to accept the reality of scripture.

The beauty of the country makes me reflect on God’s greatness.  One wonders what this world will be like when it is one day remade.  He truly is a great God!

On the Road – Day 2

I promised the folks at our church this past Sunday that I would share what’s happening on our trip from home (Indiana) to our daughter and son-in-laws house in California. We are taking time to do a little sight-seeing on the way, but are also anxious to see our daughter, Kelly. Her husband is in the marines and is currently deployed.

Yesterday we stopped in St. Louis to check out the arch. I had seen it from a distance, but had never been up close to it.  It is definitely worth the stop.  To get to the top of it you have to ride in little round pods that hold five people. Only one person can actually sit up straight, the others are hunched over. They describe it as part elevator, part train, and part amusement ride. The girls weren’t impressed – they said it just brings out whatever claustrophobia you might be prone to have.  Once you are at the top, the view is impressive!  It’s a pretty amazing structure that took some great engineering to build.

Today we did a fair amount of driving. We are now in Amarillo, Texas. It has been enjoyable to see the terrain change from the Ozarks in Mo. to the windy, rugged areas of Oklahoma (neat to see the windmill generators west of Oklahoma city. they were combining wheat in that area as well. We then ended up in the windswept T arid area of the Texas panhandle. It is hot – 104 at the truck stop we paused at. We are tired and ready to enjoy a hot shower and a good rest.

Through all the things that we have seen one thing stands out – we have a great creative God who created this wonderful world. In His grace He has given us an opportunity to enjoy a part of it, and for that i am very grateful!