December perspective

December is a busy month! We all know the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. There is shopping to be done and gifts to be wrapped. There are decorations to be brought down from the attic or brought in from the garage. There is a tree to be purchased, cut down, or assembled. There is extra cooking and baking to be done. There are travel plans to be arranged. There is Christmas program practice and some years a Cantata practice to attend. There are family times together (often with both sides of the family). There are company parties to attend, and maybe even a special concert, play, or presentation of Handel’s Messiah. Not to mention the weather is now getting colder and there are things to be done to winterize the house, the barn, and the vehicles!

It is a time of year when we can become hurried and harried, exhausted and exasperated, frazzled and frenzied, worn and weary, even grouchy and grumpy. We can become so caught up in activities that we have no strength or energy to enjoy them. We can be so busy decorating that we never take the opportunity to admire the beauty of the decorations. We can be so involved in preparing and consuming food that we never really take time to savor the goodness of it. We can be so busy buying and sharing presents that we never enjoy the relationship of the people with whom we exchange gifts. Worse than all of that, we can be so busy celebrating the birth of our Lord that we never stop to be amazed at his coming!

This month I would challenge you to find a quiet place and spend some time doing just that – be amazed! Read the gospel accounts of the events surrounding our Lord’s birth in Matthew chapters one and two and in Luke chapters one and two. Contemplate how God chose to use common people to bring about this miraculous event. Consider their lives and their words. Think how different their lives were because of Christ’s coming, and then ask yourself how that event has changed your life (hopefully for all eternity).

Take another time and read the great theological truths of the incarnation written in John 1 and Philippians 2. Read about the one called the Word who has existed for all eternity but who then became flesh and dwelt among us. Consider what it means that we have beheld his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father. Read how the one who existed in the form of God “emptied himself” and ask what that means. Think of the Creator becoming a servant and the omniscient God learning obedience and be puzzled and amazed all at the same time.

In short, in this very busy season take some time to consider God. He will be glorified and honored, and you will be humbled and blessed.

In Him,
Pastor Nord

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