Glad for a backup

When we woke up this morning it was 5 degrees outside and our furnace was not running (well, the fan on it was running but it wasn’t producing heat). Our house, however, was still comfortable because our corn stove in the living room was burning and we turned on the gas fireplace in our dining room. I have already diagnosed the problem with the furnace and will hopefully pick up a new igniter for it later today. One of those days when I’m grateful that we are fortunate to have a second source of heat. There have been times in our life that a non-working furnace would have been a much more serious issue.

That all reminds me of how fortunate we are that, as believers, we don’t go through life alone. When we fail, we have a Father who loves us, we have an advocate with the Father who speaks in our behalf, we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us to give us power and comfort us, and we have the body of Christ (the church) to aid us in our distress. We are blessed to have multiple “back-ups” and thus the things that would have been great tragedies are minimized in their impact. What a wonderful life we have!