I thought I was right!

This was a typical Monday morning for me. After a full day on Sunday I didn’t set my alarm clock, but got out of bed just as it was getting light outside. I got dressed, put on a pot of coffee, enjoyed a couple of muffins for breakfast with Christy and caught up a little bit on the news and read a couple of blogs on my tablet. After I went to the post office I drove into Delphi to deposit my check and then headed out to the church.

When I arrived at the church I glanced at my watch and was surprised that most of the morning was gone. I sat down at the computer and did a little work, but after just a while I realized it was noon. I really didn’t feel all that hungry, but went on into the kitchen and micro-waved the burritos I was having for lunch. I carried them back out to the computer and as I began to eat a friend called to say hi. As we talked I noticed that my computer clock wasn’t right. I commented that I found that odd and he agreed. When I was off the phone I proceed to reset the clock and made sure it was set to automatically change for daylight savings time.

A little after one o’clock I called Christy. I asked her if some of the grandchildren were there and she replied that they weren’t coming over until 12:30. I corrected her and said, “Honey, it’s already ten after one.” It was then that she sweetly corrected me and I realized that I had never reset my watch after the time change! I wear a different one on Sunday and hadn’t even thought about it when I put it on this morning.

There is an important lesson in all of that (besides the reality that I must be getting old). I had a standard for knowing the time (my watch) and based on that standard I thought my morning went fast, I ate even though I wasn’t hungry, I “corrected” another standard – my computer, and tried to correct my wife! I trusted my watch and assumed that anything that didn’t agree with it was wrong. It is essential to make sure that the standard one relies on is truly correct!

There are a lot of standards I can use to evaluate my life and my actions. I can trust my conscience. I can rely on what my parents and my teachers taught me. I can consult the laws of our land. I can listen to my friends opinions. I can listen to or watch the latest talk show dealing with some aspect of life. Some of those choices are better than others, but ultimately they can all fail. Even if, like my watch, they have been right day after day there can still come a time when they are wrong.

There is only one standard which I can use to accurately evaluate my life – the Bible, the very word of God. It is totally true and will never fail! Unfortunately there are a number of people who either reject it or try to modify it because it doesn’t match whatever they are using as a standard. That is as foolish as me changing my computer clock to match my watch! It is important to evaluate our lives, but it is essential that we use the right standard!