Looking at the snow

Today I feel quite fortunate! As I write this the snow is falling outside. It is a day when, barring some emergency, I don’t need to go anywhere. Thanks to technology, I don’t even need to go to my study. As long as I have my laptop with me I have a large library at my disposal and I can study anywhere. I am privileged to be inside by a fire and to thoroughly enjoy looking out at the snow. As I do so I am reminded of some important truths.

First, not everyone experiences the same event the same way. My son often works outside and has been doing so the last couple of weeks. He is probably not nearly focused on the beauty of this day. My grandchildren are home as school was canceled and are excited about that, but some of their cousins are homeschooled and may be a tad envious! Road crews and police officers are most likely not thrilled to see more white stuff falling from the sky. It is a good reminder that in all of life I should be sensitive to how others are affected by things that I love or dread.

I am also reminded that little things add up. One snowflake doesn’t change anything, but enough of those tiny things can change our life. One little sin doesn’t seem to matter, but they tend to grow and affect many others. One small kindness may seem insignificant, but when combined with others can have a powerful impact.

Thirdly, I considered how beauty can be deceptive and dangerous. I will probably venture out in a little while to snap some pictures because our whole neighborhood is transformed into a work of art. At the same time I am aware that this snow storm could prove deadly to those driving or for someone lost outside, and the beauty can quickly turn to a truly terrifying experience. In many area of life, what seems so attractive to us can destroy us.

In a similar manner I am also reminded that ugliness can be covered up, but that doesn’t remove it. A pile of trash disappears when it snows, but it will be there in the spring. Sometimes we try to “cover up” things in our life, but they reappear later, often uglier than they were when we tried to hide them. Covering up never replaces cleaning up.

But perhaps the greatest lesson that I am reminded of is the wonderful scripture that tells us that our sin can be washed as white as snow. Not just covered over, but truly cleansed! By Christ’s grace my heart can truly be pure! What a blessing!

In Christ,

Pastor Nord