A prayer in uncertain days

Heavenly Father,

We praise you for your majesty and for your awesome power. We do not question your ability to deal with this virus that is taking lives around the world. We consider your unfathomable love which prompted you to send your son who willingly sacrificed himself on the cross to pay the high price of our redemption. We know that having done that there is nothing you would hold back from doing for our ultimate good. Your wisdom is displayed in your creation in so many ways that we are still trying to understand. Your knowledge is complete and perfect concerning every subject.

Knowing these great truths about your person, we ask that you help us develop a confident dependence upon you. These are the days that remind us of our own inability. Forgive us for our arrogant assumptions that we control our fate. We recognize that something so small we can’t see it can alter our lives and bring us to our knees. May we respond from that posture by crying out to you.

We ask that in your mercy you would give us the aide we need: the aide to find the means to stop this virus, the aide we need to refrain from anger or despair, the aide to remember that for your children there is so much more than this world, the aide we need to stop focusing on our own losses and to focus on the needs of our neighbors (many of whom are even unaware of your great salvation). You have given us your Spirit to guide and help us – we submit ourselves to His working.

We know your promise to accomplish your purpose in the lives of your children. Even as we ask for deliverance, we ask for that greater work of being molded into the image of your son. May you be glorified in our struggle as well as the victory you will ultimately accomplish for your glory!

In the name of your son, our Lord Jesus,