Live Your Life!

Today’s blog is a little different. I just want to pass along some practical advice from your pastor. Covid-19 has certainly changed our normal routine, and we need to live differently right now than we have in the past. Physical isolation is important.

That being said, I am concerned that many people are simply putting their life on hold, and I would strongly encourage you to still live your life! There may be some that are paralyzed by fear, and I would keep pointing them to the confidence we have in Christ. I suspect that many others, being out of their normal routine, are just in a waiting or holding pattern. Rest is a good and necessary part of our lives, but we also need to be productive to be healthy.

The pattern of your life has temporarily changed, but it is important that you have some structure. If you are off work, you may want to sleep in a little later; but it is still good to set the alarm to get up and get dressed. Set some goals and develop plans for the day and for the week. If you can, get out and do some outside work or go for a walk (no one is saying we have to stay inside). That garage that you have ignored may need cleaned. The project your spouse has been hoping you would start/finish can now be tackled. You have time to cook that special recipe you enjoy or want to try.

This is a good time to exercise your mind as well as your body. I trust you are committing some time each day to be in the Word of God. There are many great books available for little or no cost on the internet. That Sunday school book that some of you have can still be read even if we are not meeting to discuss it. There are many online courses that you can watch or listen to for free. I-Tunes U has a wide variety (be discriminating), places like and offer much along with Dallas Theological Seminary and ­many more. If you need help in finding what you want contact me.

We often bemoan the reality that we don’t pray as we should. This is the time to schedule a time that you will stop and pray. Meditate on the Word even as you talk to the Lord.

Be sure to socialize! You heard that! Being physically separated does not mean that you can’t enjoy talking with others. The fact that you are reading this lets me know you have the ability to communicate. Call someone up just to chat, we need to laugh with each other as well as commiserate and pray.

There is an old adage; “If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.” These days can be difficult, but they do not have to be without profit. In fact, this could be the beginning of new patterns of life that we will profit from long after this virus and its devastation are in the history books.

Trying to “follow what I preach,”

Pastor Nord

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