Out of date?

If you happen to be on face book I am sure that you have seen many posts that show a picture of an object and say something like; “Do you know what this is? Like if you do and share if you have ever used it.” Sometimes I think “how could anyone not know what that is?” but then I remember that I am not exactly young. Some of the objects are still regularly used in some circles, others are simply obsolete. Some things were once needful tools and now serve as decorations hanging on a wall.

Some things have always had a limited use. I think of a few specialized tools that I still have, but will probably never use again. Some things get thrown in a tool box or a drawer “just in case” even though the chances of using them are nil. I think I still have a couple of tools needed to set the valve timing and injection pump on a 1970’s Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel. If you need them give me call and they are yours.

We not only accumulate things that become useless, we also may spend a fair amount of time developing skills that are no longer needed. Some things are just no longer done by anyone, and some other skills may have been good at one time in our life but are not related to our current jobs. I paid the rent and bought food for my family by developing abilities I haven’t used in years. It is good to remember that life changes and so do the skills we need to live well in our current circumstances. Some things are important to know for the present, but will not always be significant.

There are, however, some things that will always be useful and some skills that will never lose their value. God’s word is eternal, and an understanding of it will be valuable for all time. Relationships may change, but the need to relate well with others is something we will always need. Learning to worship and praise our Lord is valuable, because we will do that in a new heaven and new earth if we have trusted Christ as our savior.

There is little more tragic than to think of someone spending their whole lives focused on the temporary instead of the eternal. Be sure to distinguish between the two. Your future depends on it!

In Christ,

Pastor Nord

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