Time to re-calibrate

We just had to have the windshield in our Camry replaced when it was hit by a rock. It’s been a few years, but I have had that happen on other vehicles. No big deal, just the nuisance of having to call, set up an appointment for them to come out, and of course, pay the deductible on our insurance. On this car, however, I was asked if we had certain options including lane assist (it beeps if you cross a line and actually slightly moves the steering wheel to correct itself). Since we do, and since that operates off of a camera mounted to the windshield in a housing behind the rear view mirror, I was informed that it might have to be re-calibrated by a dealer. If the mount is slightly different the camera angle would be off and it would not be accurate.

That made me start thinking about other things I own or have used that need to be checked and re-calibrated. I have a small scale I use to measure chemicals in my darkroom. It came with a weight so one can check its accuracy and re-calibrate it if necessary. I use some antique cameras, and sometimes their light meter (if they have one) is off. They have to be compared to one that is known to be accurate and re-calibrated. I have three different thermometers in my darkroom and they all read slightly different. I don’t know which is correct, and since I am primarily interested in consistency, I just chose one to use all the time. I had to throw out a level once because it wasn’t level! We have had the gauge checked on Christy’s pressure canner because it could be off without us knowing – not a good thing! Of course, many instruments, like our dulcimers, are often out of tune, so we compare them to a tuner and correct them.

With all of those things and many more there is one common thing that must be done – they have to be compared to a standard. Over time, and with use, things change. Often the change is so small, and so gradual, it is not noticed. Then one day it is obvious that something is wrong and depending upon the object, disaster can occur! The only to prevent that is to regularly check them against a standard and do what is needed to bring them into agreement with the standard. They need to be re-calibrated.

Christians are like that. We embrace truth when we come to Christ, but over time we can begin to move from what we know to be true. The wear and tear of everyday living can have an effect upon our thinking. We can be influenced by our environment as well. If everything in a room is out of level, sometimes it is the level which appears to be off. If another instrument is out of tune how do we know that it ours that is right? We begin to question our judgement. That is not a bad thing because it would be foolish to assume that we are always right. We need a certain, set standard by which we can check our thinking.

That standard is of course, the very word of God – the Bible. The only way I can know for sure that I am not thinking clearly is to compare my thoughts to the unchanging, always correct word of God. It can be helpful to have someone help, because they may have a better perspective, but even then it is important to know that they are comparing my thinking with the Word, not just their own thinking which can also be wrong. Nothing replaces a regular exposure to the Bible – it will tell us when we are wrong and aid us in the necessary re-calibration.

In Christ,

Pastor Nord

One thought on “Time to re-calibrate

  1. There are days and times when one needs to set things aside and rethink our next move,, Is it the right move or shall we check in with God to see the out come of it measures up. Some times it’s better to go to the main source than to not be accurate.

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